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Jasen  Dahm, CFA, CPA

Jasen Dahm, CFA, CPA

Strategic Investment Partner

Jasen is  Managing Director of TAG Invest, our investment management strategic partner.

In that role, he works with us to design our investment management process. He consults financial advisors on asset management, tax planning, liquidity management, and advanced case design. His prior experience includes running an asset management program and accumulating and managing over $1.1 Billion. He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book Nutshells: Planning Strategies for a Tax-Free, High-Income Retirement.

The TAG Invest process focuses on those areas that add the most value to our relationship with you: tax management, expense reduction, and risk management. TAG Invest builds on a foundation of low-cost passive strategies, adding active elements like actively managed mutual funds and individual stocks to strive for additional returns without adding additional risk. Those strategies can be customized to your other investments.

TAG Invest is a part of TAG Advisors, the partner that provides many services that support our business. Our strategic partnership with TAG Advisors enables us to have sophisticated back office functions to deliver more value to clients like you.