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Retirement Dreaming- Your Perfect Week!

Retirement Dreaming- Your Perfect Week!

March 28, 2024

When it comes to retirement planning, envisioning your ideal lifestyle is crucial. As you reflect on the past year, consider the moments that brought you joy, the places that inspired you, and the people who made each day special. To kickstart this process, grab a sheet of paper or record yourself discussing these experiences- the ones that made you feel younger than your years or brought you great pleasure. The objective is to incorporate more of these experiences into your retirement.

However, it's important to ground your dreams in financial reality by crafting a retirement plan that includes the costs associated with these desired activities. If international travel with loved ones or friends is a passion, factor this into your retirement budget. Likewise, if golf or pickleball is your “thing,” consider the increased fees of regular play. Remember, paying to play is an investment in your well-being. Just be sure your debts are paid down and your retirement accounts are healthy and optimized to provide adequate income.

Before you embark on your retirement journey, examine your portfolio thoroughly. Nothing is more stressful than worrying about running out of money prematurely. Broadening your income sources ensures a solid financial foundation. Retirement may span three decades or more, so a mix of cash, bonds, equities, income-producing real estate, and alternative investments may be in order.

Retirement Psychology-Redefining “Work”

For many, the notion of work carries immense satisfaction and provides an outlet for making a positive impact. If you’re hesitant about fully retiring, consider alternatives such as a “mini-retirement” or an extended vacation to determine your readiness for a slower pace. Entrepreneurs and executives, in particular, often find solace in their daily work routines and leadership roles, making a gradual transition essential.

After years of guiding individuals through the retirement planning process, it’s evident that taking ample time to dream and meticulously plan is important. Doing so can help you transform your retirement into an ongoing experience of living your perfect week every week.